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Frequently Asked Questions
How does MAXPING work?
MAXPING is designed to reduce in-game latency and increase connection stability by routing game traffic through our optimized gaming network. When MAXPING Application is open it automatically identifies traffic for supported games over known ports and establishes a TCP/UDP proxy through our Tier 1 network specifically for game. Gamers can then manually select a server and connect. To see most benefit, we recommend selecting a server that is closest to you or closest to region of game server.

What are latency and ping?
Latency is amount of time it takes a request from your computer to get to a game server. The longer it takes to complete request, greater latency – and worse your in-game lag will be. Ping is a measure of your connection speed, or latency of your connection. Ping is usually measured in milliseconds. The same principle applies to ping as to latency – higher your ping, worse your in-game performance. To reach optimal performance, a gamer wants to achieve low ping times and reduce latency on their network.

How does MAXPING help decrease latency and ping?
MAXPING improves your gaming performance by routing your game's network traffic over MAXPING network to optimize it. We run our own worldwide network of servers, partner with large-scale Tier 1 Network Providers and peer extensively with major ISPs to offer fastest delivery of traffic. In many cases, when using MAXPING network your ping times will lower and you will experience decreased latency. With MAXPING you will experience less lag and better overall network performance while playing online, which means more head shots and glorious loot!

What are benefits of MAXPING?
MAXPING offers many great benefits, including improved speeds and an interactive dashboard. MAXPING offers a strong, worldwide network and fast delivery of traffic. As MAXPING is offered by a highly-transparent company with decades of network experience, we are a network you can trust.

Will MAXPING cause my game account to get banned?
Since we maintain a per-session stance on game traffic (meaning we don't disconnect and reconnect you mid-session causing an IP change), you are not at risk of being banned from your game. You can use MAXPING with any supported game without fear of being banned for using service.

What games does MAXPING support?
Our technology has supported hundreds of games. You do not need to bother whether your game is supported or not. MAXPING is compatible with Windows PCs. We do not support Mac or Linux at this time, but may consider support for those platforms in future.

What are system requirements?
Your system must be running Windows Vista or newer. We currently support both 32-bit and 64-bit.

What are network requirements?
There are no additional network requirements beyond requirements for playing game. However, you also need a relatively stable network.

How do i download maxping?
To download MAXPING, follow this link:

How do i reset my password?
Use MAXPING Application to reset your password.

Can i use MAXPING on my gaming console?
Yes, use your computer to create a VPN connection first and then share to console.

How do i uninstall MAXPING?
Control Panel → Programs and Features → choose MAXPING → Uninstall.

I launched my game but MAXPING isn't connecting?
Generally, MAXPING session and connection will start when a multiplayer session in supported game is started. This allows MAXPING to make best possible connection for improvement based on game's connection behavior, so all you have to do is jump into an online match in-game and MAXPING will take it from there!

For most games, MAXPING connection will not start by launching game, but rather by starting a real-time multiplayer session in game. However, Path of Exile will connect when game is launched by design.

What server location is best for me to connect to?
The best server location will vary for each gamer, depending on game you are playing and other factors. We recommend that you use server closest to you or closest to region of game server. Open MAXPING and then select server you want to use in list.

Will maxping switch servers while i am in-game if it finds a faster connection?
No. We take a single-connection per session stance on game traffic, because rerouting your connection while you are playing would likely cause a reconnect event, disrupting your game.

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