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Download MAXPING Application

  • Once downloaded setup file, install and run MAXPING icon at desktop to use.
    • You can use trial feature forever or login if you want to use your offical account.
    • Select the server you want to use in the list.
    • Click the CONNECT button or right-click and choose connect or double-click to make connection to selected server.
    • A log will appear, wait for about 5 seconds and then you can open application and use as normal (AutoTunnel), no need to select application as the other software. If you want to manually configure application that you want to connect, right-click and select run custom program.
    • Good luck and have fun.
  • By default, MAXPING application will run Administrator privileges so that tunnel can be applied under the operating system permission. Please keep this in mind.
  • If you do not want to use MAXPING Application anymore, just delete directory.
  • Features in MAXPING Application:
    • Sign-up an offical account (use your email address).
    • Reset password (can only reset password, can not recover password).
    • Fast free trial (without asking for any information).
    • Standard connect with AutoTunnel.
    • Run custom program (support parameter).
    • Connect use OpenVPN module.
    • Looking Glass (test ping from servers to global).
    • Traceroute network to servers.
    • Check server uptime & status.
    • Monitor ping through graphs.
    • Report network issues.
    • Buy License Code.
    • Active subscription plans.
    • Exchange Point.
    • Request game run by AutoTunnel.
    • Live support (English and Vietnamese).
    • Extend trial time.
    • ...

[Image: 5dc23334396cc32dfd4176dd393e328f.png]
[Image: ff0b4d7de2224c8e2bb09d9eba581be5.png][Image: 4a24143647dff99c3281003b2b07607f.png]

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